Calculate a unified cost based on project currency

Hi Community,

I need your help as I have been tinkering with this for the last 3 days without success :smiley:

I have 3 tables:
1- Project List
2- Scope of Supply
3- Exchange Rate

The scope of supply initial calculation during sales phase (PCO Cost) and it’s Currency can differ from the Purchase Cost during project execution
I created 2 columns to unify the initial cost and the purchase cost based on a pre-defined exchange rate in table 3
the relation between table 2 and table 3 should be based on the Project and the Project Currency
The logical flow is the following and it applies on both Unified PCO Cost and Unified Purchase Cost:
1- Check if PCO Currency is equal to Project Currency, if it’s true then Unified PCO Cost is equal to PCO Cost, if false then,
2- Find in Table 3 based on the project and PCO Currency is equal to Exchange Rate Currency, the rate then multiply the Rate in Exchange Currency by PCO Cost

This is a demo of the 3 tables

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