Possibility to have item qtys based on another items qty

I have built this to run a construction cost estimating business. Most costs are related to higher level items (think Drywall priced by SF of wall area). I would like to be able to reference items within a table and pull formulas against that items qty. For instance:

Say I have items such as Interior Metal Framing - Walls - Turnkey in a master item list with attached cost value. I’m selecting those in another table for the estimate and applying qtys. That’s easy but the next part is hard

I would want other items dependent on this one. Such as an item for studs with formula (Interior Metal Framing - Walls - Turnkey. QTY/ 16) but because this item is an item just the same I can’t modify the qty cell just the full column with Coda column formulas. If this makes sense I need some ideas

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Dear @Nick_Nicolaysen,

Not sure I understand your expected outcome in the right way, some sample that shows what you have and the expected outcome would be helpful to understand your business logic.

In the mean time, I recommend to have a look at this post, to see how dependencies could work: