Adjusting quantity of an item that won't change it in another view

I am creating a uniform tracking doc that will track all orders along with keeping a running total for certain individuals who have a certain allotted budget. In my order view, it is looking up the item list. I want to be able to change the quantity of a particular item to get the grand total. The issue I am having is that if I change the quantity total on one order it will change it for every order that item is on. Is there a way to make it so that doesn’t happen.

hi @Matt_Riley
welcome to the community. the doc looks nice with the related icons
that said, I did not understand your problem, nevertheless I created a column with a filter. I guess you tried something with a SwitchIf.
I created an extra table replacing a select list with a relation to show an idea I work often with
cheers, Christiaan

Hi @Matt_Riley,
I think I’ve spotted the issue. You’ve got items (products in this case) directly linked to the orders table. Because you want to adjust the quantity of each item for each order, your updates are to the items table which propagates to other orders.

The solution is to introduce a third table between those two which links items to orders, and put the quantity column in that third table. Let’s call this third table Order Items.

I didn’t want to mess with your doc, so I’ve made a quick demo doc to explain. Hope it helps!


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