Multiple instances of SAME table, only thing different is filter

Hey there, we use Coda for inventory tracking and for Amazon Seller stuff. I have a page on our doc for every size/style of the products that we make. The only difference is the size. So each page has a filtered view of the same master table. My issue is that since I’ve filtered these views, if I’m in one filtered table and I move columns around to make it better for me to use, those changes aren’t pushed anywhere (obviously this is how Coda works).

Ideally, we have a master table, and 10 filtered views. But if I change the column order, hide columns, etc. on one view that gets reflected on the other views. But I don’t know if that’s possible.

I am assuming that your use case is that you switch between the views when you want different information. Why not just have a drop-down filter, and switch between different filters of one table instead of different views of one table? Does that fit your needs?

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Hey @HereComesTrevor,

Just recorded a tutorial on user-specific filters. You could use this approach to have not dozens but one page with a filtered subset of data, and a user-friendly, user-specific control panel in the top so that each user would independently see their own size/style. I.e. instead of users going to different pages, they’d go to a single page but see different stuff independently.

A good practice with Coda: you only create new pages when you actually want to have a new perspective into your data (e.g. a differently grouped table). Simply duplicating pages to show different subsets of data is not a good idea, specifically for the reason you described (changes in UI in one page don’t propagate to other pages).


Hey Paul, thanks for this. I ended up doing an interactive filter and that accomplished my goal. And simplified things a lot!