Calculate total in a balance sheet

Does anybody know a way to calculate the total in a balance sheet. I mean to add or substract a number from the nube rof the row above, like in a balance sheet.


You mean calculating the running total?

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Yes, I mean the running total.

An example would be very helpful here, it’s hard to know what you’re trying to do.

It is about referencing a cell in the row above.

@JHConsulting that makes sense to you as a human, but ‘the row above’ can mean lots of things in a relational database, esp with filters, sorts and views.

But I replied with a link to the solution in my answer above :confused:

and Shishir’s reply there too (he does it better by separately looking up the previous row, then using its value)

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I have seen it. This answers my question. Thank you.