Calculating difference in dates (duration) without seeing the word 'ago' in result


I am calculating the duration of a trip:

  • Column 1 is a Date Column titled “Trip Start”
  • Column 2 is a Date Column titled “Trip End”
  • Column 3 is a Formula Field titled “Duration” where the Formula is Trip Start-Trip End

The formula result correctly outputs the duration in number of days, but the word “ago” is appended to the result, for example “3 days ago” even though the difference in dates is not “3 days ago” but “3 days”

Question: How do I either remove the word ‘ago’ from my result, or calculate the duration differently so that I see “X days” instead of “X days ago”?

Thank you!

Hi @Lina_C, if you flip it to TripEnd - Tripstart then you will not see ago.

Ago is added when the duration is negative ( today - ( today + 3) ) = -3

Hope this makes sense.

Hi @mallika even with the correct formula I guess the word “ago” is far from ideal there.

Let’s say I have a elapsed time against a setpoint and check if I’ve done something quicker or slower than estimated:

Personally I’d expect a minus sign instead of the word “ago”.

Dear @Dalmo_Mendonca,

Hopeful this will bring you the expected result:

Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets. Yes, converting .ToNumber() does the trick somewhat.

I’ve built that table just to illustrate the ago issue, my real doc is a bit more complex with grouping and all so concat isn’t ideal.