Formula for Start Date to Years & Months

I have a Start Date Column with a date populated. I want a Tenure column that calculates "todays date - Start Date Column, but concatenates Years, Months . I keep getting a result of days & can’t get the result of 1Y 5M or 6M


Any suggestions on the rest of this formula…Today() - thisRow.[Start Date]

hi @Brandi_Moore , welcome

what about this


the last one - as you can see - counts also the ‘today’.

hope it helps, best, Christiaan


Thank you for the effort. I’ll use it.

Dear @Brandi_Moore,

I might be wrong, but got the impression that you are looking for a more detailed solution.
Please find the sample below and feel free to copy and use it for your project.

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Hi @Brandi_Moore ,

this should be fulfilling your request. Please be aware that the Duration output is just text and not a duration format that can be processed by coda.

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