Duration in Weeks

Hi guys, I’ve got a quick question. I’m inserting a formula into a column to calculate the time from a start day to present day. The output is given in days–which is awesome. But is there a way we can turn days into weeks + days instead? It’d be extremely useful for our work if there’s a way around that. Cheers.

Hi @mrosantos,

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There isn’t a setting for it in the duration column format, but you can use the Concatenate() formula to calculate and display it.

  Floor((thisRow.[End Date]-thisRow.[Start Date])/7),
  " weeks ",
  Remainder(thisRow.[End Date]-thisRow.[Start Date],7),
  " days"

Floor() is just rounding down after dividing by 7.
Remainder() is just taking the remainder of the same formula for the days left.


Had to play around with my Column names and replace them, but it worked like a charm. Thanks dude!

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