Given a start date and end date, how do you calculate duration?

Hello. How do you do this?
You have a table. It has start dates and end dates.
I want a number of days.
This post didn’t help.
Looking up formulas for “Duration” was mystifying.

dear @Rezwan_Razani ,

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thisRow.[End Date] - thisRow.[Start Date]

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks! That works! As a simple Text column type with a formula.

I’m still confused about what the “Duration” Column type is. I would have thought that you could choose that as your column type, and in the Column Options put in your start and end dates for it to calculate. But that doesn’t work at all.

Many unexpected things happen when playing around with the Duration options, and there’s no explanation of how that works anywhere. Well, just some cryptic explanations with no context or example.

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