Got Start Date and End date>>How can I calculate durations in Day (excluding weekend)?

My goal is to see how many days will be spent for a task in a project. I have Start date and End date. With these inputs, I want to be able to see no. of days excluding weekends.

What I am doing currently is doing a formula,ToNumber(thisRow.End- thisRow.Start). However, this doesn’t exclude weekends

Thank you! :smile:

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hi @Nat_Q , welcome!

in case your weekends are Sat & Sunday

this works.
in case team members have days off in between, you can treat them as holidays and coda will filter them out for you.

Cheers, Christiaan


Hi @Nat_Q

Have you tried using this formula with NetWorkingDays() ?

Another way to proceed without this formula (much more complicated :slight_smile: , but interesting to understand) would be to check for each date between start and due if this is a saturday (#6 or a #7), remove them, and count the remaining days (add .Count() to Column 6 value)



:eyes: that synchronization :smiley:


Worked perfectly, thank you!

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