Estimate end date from start date and duration


Hi! I’m trying to estimate the end date for a project based on the start date + a duration. However when I do this with formulas it formats the result as a duration instead of a date.

Any ideas on how to get a date as output?

I tried this:

ToDate(thisRow.[Start date]+thisRow.[Estimated time])




See if this is what you want. If so, review the column types.



@Ander yup that’s exactly what I want. I have my column types set the same as you, but when I put in the formula it changes the duration to a text field (attached some screenshots). any ideas?

You can see my column type is duration, but in the formula field it’s listed as text. I can’t figure out how to change that to duration




In your screenshot, the formula “Estimated Time” token has “T” next to it, indicating that it’s a text field – it should have a clock icon next to it. Even though I can also look at the column in your screenshot and see that it appears to be set as a time column.

My hunch is this is buggy behavior, where the column has not registered the proper column type. Try “jiggling” this until you get past the bug. Create the column anew and try hard-coding a time value into it, then delete that value, then add in the formula. (This exact sequence as worked for me with this exact buggy behavior.)



that worked, thank you @Ander!

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@Ann_k :+1:

@mallika We ran into this :bug: previously with number column types, if you’ll recall.

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@Ander - thanks ( you have a good eye!) - let the team know.

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