How to use 24 hour in formula?

Hi! I want to display to display time from another column with a formula but even though I set it as 24 hour in the original column it displays as AM/PM in the formula. How can I fix this?
ToText(thisRow.Begin)+" - "+ToText(thisRow.Begin+thisRow.Duration)

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Hi @Tijn73,

Could you please provide a sample of your doc, so that it would be easier to see/play (and hopefully provide a solution)?

I guess it’s a matter of data type configuration of the column and some formatting in the formula: once you provide the doc with a a column with the desired outcome we can dig a bit into it.

Thank you!

Thanks! It’s Dutch but I translated some stuff to English :)

Dear @Tijn73,

Its great that you shared your doc however the permissions don’t allow us to see it. Please make it public with edit access

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It was already shared I don’t know why you can’t open it.

Dear @Tijn73,

The doc doesn’t have edit neither copy rights.
Would you mind to update them and confirm?


Hi @Tijn73,

With our current implementation of time and duration, I don’t think you’ll be able to do this easily. Are you able to just use two columns that are of type “Time”, one for the start and one for the end?

Listing them in the same text string makes it difficult because you lose some control over layouts when it’s a formula value.

Well than I can’t use a calendar view, right?

Dear @Tijn73,

Although Dutch is my native language, we should try to work in English to make it understandable for the whole community :thinking:

It will be of great support if you could explain all the steps to explain the business logic

Please explain the:

  1. Classroom
  2. Early / Late break logic

The below " if statement" is not correct according the formula syntax

I assume that “bekend lokaal” (known classroom) should be true.

:bulb:It might be that you have already a tool in Excel for example, are you able to show that?