How do I let the Duration column know that I'm typing in hours, not days?

When I type in 197.5 inside a cell, I get this:


But I want it to show 197 Hours and 30 Minutes
Is that possible?

While at it…
Using regular formulas, how do I make it display the time in hours and not days?

So not 8 days 5 hrs 30 mins nut instead 197 hrs 30 mins


I found an answer to the original question, there is an option in display as hours…
I could swear that I tried that before asking the question and somehow didn’t notice the change…

But now I’m more interested in the second question regarding regular non-column formulas.

Hi Fran,

Try This


And this


It’s doesn’t get the desired result.
I want to display hours and minutes, not days.

Here is an example of what I want to achive:

As you can see, I can achive this inside column, but don’t know how to achive it on the canvas/page.
The big difference is that it calculates 0.5 hours to minutes, so instead of displaying 197.5 it’s 197 hrs 30 mins

There’s a hidden formula FormatDuration()


precision: 2 means use at max two numbers (e.g. hours and minutes but not seconds if there were any)

maxUnit:"hours" means the first number will be hours. Hence with precision:2 it’s hours-and-minutes and not days-and-hours.


Thank you very much!

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