Sum of a column in Minutes or Hours | not Days

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“Can the sum show just minutes and not change to houres?” - @Kristijan_Moser

There is no existing setting to change the sum at the bottom of a column to minutes. But it can be accomplished nearby

Step 1

  1. Create a table named "Test Table"
  2. Create a column inside the “Test Table” that is a Date -> Duration -> Minutes
  3. Name the column inside the “Test Table” as "Minutes"


Step 2

  1. Anywhere outside the table (on the blank canvass) press “=”
  2. Create an Unnamed Formula to only display hours (or minutes)


  • Round(ToMinutes([Test Table].Minutes.Sum()),1) + ’ minutes’
  • Round(ToHours([Test Table].Minutes.Sum()),1) + ’ hours’

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(2018-05-23) - Mallika, Duration in hours - not days

Or just use FormatDuration(), which looks safe to me (documented and with adequate parameter spec.) (85)

I understand it’s a hidden formula, but I’d use it any day over the toMinutes/Round/string manipulations. Because keeping the Duration value type and leveraging existing functionality is overall a better approach than doing the calculations and type conversions yourself.

P.S. If you want to format 2 hours 30 minutes as 2.5 hours, yes, then you’ll have to convert that to a number and append “hour”/“hours” yourself.