The format of a duration column is not applied to the column summary

For example, if the duration format is to display as hours, the content cells will show durations greater than 24 hours as hours, but the summary sum will not. Here’s a demonstration:


Yes please fix this. When I need to summarize hours for a week in a timesheet, or in a month for an invoice, I’d rather not have to do mental math because it won’t respect the format of the column.


Edit: This also affects Charts that you might want to do. If you were charting your durations it would change the axis into numbers relative to days rather than the format chosen, hours in this case. So you start to see something like this…

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Hi @Thomas_Robbs1 ,

I also have this issue… The workaround is the following


where Duration is the column with the Duration format


I wish this could be fixed soon. It’s an annoying bug that is tricky to work around when making graphs that should be displaying hours.

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This problem affects any formula using data from cells of the type “duration”. Formulas will format results as “days, hrs, min, s”, no matter how the original cells are set to display their data.

Have you tried to add a field to your table and convert your full Duration (x days, y hrs, z mins) by using formulas such as :

There might be other ways, depending on your needs/desired results :blush:

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Thanks @Pch, I’m using that workaround when possible. It’s not always possible though, for example in the automatic summary of columns.

@Bjorn_Hansell : Well, if you want to use a Duration in hours (for example) strictly, you should Summarize that field … :innocent: .

Or maybe create another “Summary” table just to summarize what you need, which might be more flexible :blush:

But, yes, I agree that you won’t be able to switch between durations “formats” when you Summarize a field :blush: .

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