Duration displayed as time code

Hi, I’m wondering if it is already possible to display time in a column as time code ex: 10:01:32:17 (hh:mm:ss:fr @24 fps, this value needs to be interchangeable) or if I need to code it in. Time codes need to be calculated so need to be numerical and not text. ← I just added that last sentence to make it look like I know what I’m doing :sweat_smile:

Hey Lisa, thanks for reaching out! At the moment, we offer up to the second via our Time column format display options. The same goes for Duration column formats. More on our column formats here: Overview of column formats | Coda Help Center.

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You could potentially use column formulas or a Text (default) column format to display your data the way you prefer as a workaround, but you’d need to work around the data types in that case (Text vs Time/Duration values).

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