How to format time code


I would like to format a column for video time code, so I can sum up the duration of a list of shots.

A time code consists of hours : minute : seconds : frames (00:01:20:24)

There are 24 frames in a second (for film) or 25 frames in a second (for video). So I would like to be able to set the fps (frames per second) for a project.

How to go about this…?

Thanks in advance!

Here’s one way to do it. The idea is to convert them to frames when summing them up and then convert them back to timecode. I kept things simple and did not take into account DF / NDF.

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I am afraid I don’t follow. And the embed is ‘not found’. So…
Thanks anyway.

Apologies @Erik_van_Schaaik. I just updated the permissions. Let me know if you can see the doc now.

Yes, it is working! And what a great way of setting it up. Thank you so much!

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