Video/Film Timecode

Coda is an amazing tool for TV/film post production. It would be even more amazing if it could read video/film timecode formatted as hh:mm:ss:ff (hour:minute:second:frame). Maybe as a formula function? Something like…

=Timecode(FrameRate, hh:mm:ss:ff)
Returns provided text as timecode.
Formula: =Timecode(24, 01003214) ––> Returns: 01:00:32:14

=TimecodeValue(FrameRate, hh:mm:ss:ff)
Converts timecode into a total frame count.
Formula: =Timecode(24, 01003214) ––> Returns: 87134

=TimecodeDuration(FrameRate, FrameCount)
Converts total frame count into timecode duration.
Formula: =Timecode(24, 87134) ––> Returns: 01:00:32:14

This way you could do math so that durations and frame counts could be generated as below:



PS. I grant that timecode is a lot less straightforward than it looks. It gets very screwy when you start talking about drop frame vs non-drop frame timecode, NTSC vs. PAL, 23.98fps vs. 24fps, or 29.97fps vs. 30fps vs. 59.94fps, etc. I have no idea how to navigate those nuances. But generally I think whole number frame rates like 24, 30, and 60 are sufficient in most functions during the post production process.


This is a cool idea.

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