Time format in Coda hh:mm:ss:ff

Hi ! I work in 2D animation production and use Coda for a great number of things. One thing I cannot use it for at the moment is for tracking my time-coded media.
Ideally if we had the following options :
-In columns, ability to choose time format as hh:mm:ss:ff, along with fps options of 24, 23.97, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 60 (+ custom, for room to grow) ?
-Ability to summarize the time in this format. At the moment I can only do this in Sheets with frames in separate column and with 2 formulas, see image

-Have option to select 8hr day or 24hr day in summary ? at the moment it is default 24hrs I believe ? This would permit summarizing a column without having to do an additional calculation of dividing by 8 to get number of work days.
-This next one is probably a bit crazy but the capacity to select any number of time values (or any value for that matter) from several rows (in same column) and get dialog box indicating the sum ? :crazy_face:
We really love Coda and slowly but surely we are moving our processes into it. This for us would just be a game changer :slight_smile: Thank you !!