Clever autocomplete and more display options for durations


I frequently input durations into columns in Coda and there’s already some clever stuff that makes this easier, but it could be better. Now it works like the following:

  • To input 5 minutes, I type “5 min” which is then converted to “5 mins”.
  • If I type “90 min” it, it is cleverly converted to “1 hr 30 min”

It would be really useful if instead if having to type “5 min”, I could just type “5m” or “5 m”. The acceptable inputs would then be:

  • E.g. “1s” or “30 s” --> “1 sec” or “30 secs”
  • E.g. “135m” or “135 m” --> “2 hrs 15 mins”
  • E.g. “5h” --> “5 hrs”

It would also be great if these shorthand ways of writing seconds, minutes and hours could be a display option for duration in columns in order to have an option inbetween “3:12:42” and “3 hrs 12 mins 42 secs”.


Again a year later, but filling in duration fields is still quite unintuitive, so I second this. To add to the above examples, typing in “2min” (without a space) is seen as invalid. An actual duration picker would be a great addition.


I had forgotten about this, but yes, I still feel there’s a need for this!


Agreed, I would also appreciate the option “years”