Bug : Duration over 24hrs

Hi all,

I seem to have a bit of a problem. In my table I have durations that are longer than 24hrs and they are not recognized as duration no matter the format.

Is it a bug ? Do you know a way to work around it ?

Hi @Sam_Dojtez and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

How do you create those durations ? :blush:

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Hi :slight_smile: Thank you !

I just type 30:48:00 and it works only when it’s something under 24hrs so for example when I type 14:12:00 it recognises it and put it as 14 hrs and 12 mins but not otherwise.

Hi again @Sam_Dojtez :blush: !

I can reproduce your issue here and I think that Coda might not know how to handle the durations going over 1 day : Leaving the 30 hrs … or auto-converting it to 1 day, 6 hrs … ?
(I could be wrong though… it’s really been a long time since I used manual inputted durations)

Or it might simply get confused, not understand the inputted duration and read something like 30:48:00 as a time value (instead of a duration) which could create some conflicts behind the scene :blush:. (a you can’t have a time value over 24 hrs)

I guess you could still contact the amazing support with this, so you’d have a clear answer of what’s going on but in the meantime, I still have a workaround for you :blush:

Instead of inputting your duration directly into the duration field, maybe you use 3 number field : one to input the hours, one to input the minutes and one to input the seconds and then, in your duration field recreate a duration using Duration().

Would that work for you ?

E.g.: See the field [Duration - 1] in the sample below


Hi thanks a lot for your answer. Thanks to your first question I tried entering the duration in the same format as it is displayed (I should have thought of that earlier) and it works perfectly. I think you’re right and that the way I entered it before was too confusing for Coda and it didn’t know what to do with it.

Thanks again for your help and for the time you spent on it :slight_smile:


No problem @Sam_Dojtez :wink: ! Always glad to help when I can :relaxed: !
And I’m really glad to know you found a way to make it work :raised_hands: !

I’ll definitively keep that in mind as I didn’t even think about trying it :sweat_smile: !