Changing format for Time and/or Duration

Hi all.

I am currently using the column type Time instead of Duration because Duration displays English text (e.g. 2 Minutes 6 Seconds). Also, as far as I can tell Time can only be set to show hours, minutes, and seconds, not just minutes and seconds which is what I would prefer in this instance.

Is there a way to have Time only show minutes and seconds or optionally to change the Duration text to another language (Minutes → Minutter, Seconds → Sekunder)?

Hi @Kjell_Pettersen

Do not think so your can convert as parameters, but you can easily use Format() function to personnalise it. Be careful then, it will become a text and not a time/duration anymore… (exemple in french day=jour, hours=heures, minutes same)

Hope this could help anyway


@Quentin_Morel to the rescue again! I am starting to think that you are stalking me… :joy:

Thank you for the suggestion, it works like a charm for my use. :star_struck:

Ahah no dont be afraid @Kjell_Pettersen , as you may see, I spend some time around here, not only within your post :slight_smile:

Anyway no problem, and do not hesitate if you require some additionnal help :wink:

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