How do I create a table that adds time together?

I need a table that adds time together and gives the total at the bottom, all in HH:MM:SS format. Could someone please assist?


Hey there!

Glad you asked. There are many ways to do it, but the simplest way is to select the column itself, and follow the options as seen in my screenshot below

Option #1:
Option 1 will show the sum of the total duration at the bottom of the table itself - This can be helpful, but is harder to find especially as your table grows

Option #2
Adding it to the canvas will add the sum of the durations above the table itself. This is my personal preferred method as its always in view no matter how many rows their are in your table

Let us know if you need more help!

Specific Formatting

If you want it formatted specifically in the HH:MM:SS format, you will need to do that with a more custom formula. here’s one I generated to create your specific format. But note that this ONLY works in the Canvas above the table and not in the summary row directly below the table

That formula results in this output

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@Scott_Collier-Weir Hi Scott! Thanks so much for your reply.

How did you get the Hours 123 and Minutes 123 to do that? I tried typing it in like that but it didn’t change colors or anything lol


Hi @TypyTypeman

Is it possible to share your doc so we can build the solution customized for you in your doc?


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Yeah that was kind of cryptic wasn’t it. Here’s some deep-documentation and information on those COLORED CHIPS and here’s some more documentation on Duration formulas in general in Coda

let me break down what I did: I created OTHER canvas formulas in my doc as seen in the screenshot below, NAMED the formulas, then was able to reference their outputs in my NEW formula as hours and minutes

The #1 specifically is the FORMULA I wrote that output the number 43

The #2 specifically is where, in a canvas formula, you NAME it so you can later reference it in other formulas throughout your doc.

It is the equivalent of using the withName() formula in a single run to NAME outputs and use them later. You could copy this code exactly, as long as your tables name is Duration Table and the column is called Duration and have it work in your code

Lastly, the little 123 you see on the little formula chip is actually something sweet about those little formula chips that tells you the data TYPE.

Here’s some more info on formula chips and how they work


HAHA This was bugging me tonight, so I looked at it again. You don’t need all those fancy with-names and such. Instead just do THIS using the Second() and Minute() formula to extract those values out of a larger duration

But hopefully the previous formulas helped you learn more about colored formula chips, naming canvas based formulas, using the WithName() formula, and more!


Thanks so much; I finally got it!! Sorry if this stressed you lol

I got it, finally. Thanks though!

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Okay, great.


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