How to set end date based on a column

Hello, i’m a coda newbie, and not super great at formulas yet.
I was hoping someone could help me:

I’m creating a table, where I’m adding the estimated number of weeks into one column.
I’d love to automatically set the start date to ‘Today’s’ date, and then based on the number in the Weeks column, set the end date, so I don’t have to manually enter the end date every time. Any idea how i might accomplish this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Christian_Poschmann

Fore sure its easily possible. If you wanna set a column for today’s date, here is the formula

Then, just add a duration column and this formula to get the end date, if your duration is in weeks


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Amazing! Thanks so much for your help. Works like a charm!

I have a follow up question:
Is it possible, to set the end date with the formula above, but still allow me to manually edit the End date afterwards using the calendar dropdown? The Duration column should remain the same though.
If I’m using the formula, I loose the abilty to manually drag the row in the timeline to manually set the end date. Hope this makes sense.

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Define a custom date column while keeping all the existing setup, and rename your end date as “final end date”

This formula will take the custom end date if it is not empty, or the calculated one otherwise.

But be careful. If you want to change manually the end date in a timeline view, you must display the custom date as end date. As final date is also calculated, it won’t work either


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