Using calculated dates from timeline view

I’m not sure if this is a bug/by design or I’m doing something wrong. But I can’t seem to have a timeline view reference calculated (formulas). This is a really big limitation for me, as I want to have an end date of a project calculated on different factors , for example, a project might require 20 man hours, in another table I assign people to that project, could be 1 person or 3 people, that will change the actual expected end date, except I can link that date to a timeline view.

I haven’t messed around with timelines much - but can you double check that you calculated end date has the Colin type set to “date”

You can calculate a date in a column and it will appear as a date while the column type is still defaulted to “text”.

Which then Coda doesn’t want to read as a date for your timeline while it feels like a date to you.

Double check that and get back to us!

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