Timeline Display "Date Needed"?

I’ve set up this task list with dependencies, start and end dates. From it, I added a new table in timeline display. Even though every row contains and start date, and is functioning perfectly in table view, most of the rows in timeline view have a red dot that says: “Date Needed: This row does not contain a valid start date”

I have allowed anyone to view it at the link below: The table and timeline display below it are on the 2113 Isabella page:
Serious Fun Ultimate supamega Project Management Project

Any thoughts?

Hi @Kit_Kollmeyer :blush:

The problem seems to be in your [Task Start] formula :blush: , specifically, the True part of your If()

thisRow.Predecessor.[End Date] 

… as this returns not a date but a list of dates :blush:

[Small tip: look a the “calendar” icon next to “End Date” … It looks “multiplied”… ]

Which comes from the fact that your Predecessor lookup is a multi-select one :blush: .

If you toggle Off the multi-select option in your lookup (as you don’t seem to need it, considering your setup), you’ll actually get a date (instead of a list of dates) :blush:

[See how the icon next to “End Date” changed from a “multiplied one” to a simple regular calendar icon …]

And the Timeline should work as expected :blush:

Thanks @Pch that makes sense. I’m pretty new to Coda, how do I toggle off the multi-select option on the lookup?


No problem @Kit_Kollmeyer :blush: !

You’ll find the concerned toggle in Lookup options

An then → Allow multiple selections :blush:
(That’s the toggle I was referring to earlier :blush: )

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@Pch Thanks so much! That was the issue, it’s working great now!

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