Timeline display doesn't work if Start and End Date are from a relation

I’m having an issue with the Timeline display Start and End settings when those dates come from a relation. Hoping someone might have run into this issue before

Using cross-doc, I imported a table called Versions.
This Versions table has columns for a Version number and Start/End dates.

I created a new table ‘Team Features’ and added a relation to ‘Versions’ and a column for the start and end dates of the version.

Then I made a new Timeline view of Team Features. But, when I go into its Timeline settings and select the Start Date and End Date it doesn’t work. Nothing displays.

Is this a bug?..or am I missing something?


Hey there!

The selectable date/time columns for a timeline must have as assigned date/time value for the column itself.

Just because a cell value looks like a date:time doesn’t mean Coda is recognizing it as such

Go ahead and check those start/time columns, ensure that their actual column-type is a date:time and you should then be able to select them in the timeline!

Hi! Thanks for the reply.
The column types both appear to be the proper type as you can see in the first image below.
They even have the “Date options” when opening the column drop-down.
(I renamed the columns My Start Date and My End Date for clarity)

The columns were each created by going to the relation column Versions > Add related column > Start Date > Value (second image below)

Also, in the Timeline Display options, it recognizes “My Start Date” and “My End Date” as dates that can be selected as I would expect…it just does not register when they are selected for some reason. (last image)

My only guess is there is some issue due to it being from a Relation?
I’ve shared the example here for anyone to take a look: Timeline Display Trouble

Here you go @PMRD :blush: !

If you don’t need a multi-select relation field, disable it in the relation field :blush:
At least, that what I did to solve your timeline issue here…

Your relation field was not returning a row but a list of one row…

So, both your Start and End related columns were not returning a date but a list of dates (well, a list of 1 date) which was not appreciated by the timeline :blush:

Look at the “multiplied” row icon in the screenshot below before converting the multi-select relation field into a single-select :

And after converting the multi-select relation field into a single-select one, here’s what the icon looks like in the related column Start :

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Awesome! That’s the magic sauce :slight_smile: I appreciate the explanation.
I can’t imagine I would have ever been able to figure that out naturally.
Also, thanks for the snapshots, it really helps in knowing what kind of details to look for when troubleshooting in the future.
Thanks so much :pray:

A bit late (sorry :innocent: ) but… My pleasure @PMRD :grin: !

When it comes to debugging things, the small “data types” icons are really really helpful :blush:

And I’m very glad to know this helped you moving forward :raised_hands: !

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