Timeline / Calendar UX issues / view errors

Yes - more about timelines and calendars. I keep going on this - mostly because I’m convinced that coda is the way forward, but I’m having to work too hard to get time/date information displayed properly for people in my business.

I feel like there are some pretty blatant UX issues - although of course I’m happy to be told WHY its like this if I have misjudged the use for some of the features.

First up - display of single day activities.

For quite some time, we’ve known that in order to display a full single day activity in a calendar, you put the end date on the the start date. Sure - fine. Don’t love it, but I kinda get it.
But this does not apply for timeline view.
In order to see it as a single day, one needs to put it in as finishing the day after the start date - as shown here (or two days after for a 2 day event)

I don’t get this at all.

(Here’s a version showing each event with their dates adjusted so things look right on the calendar

The single day event now is useless to see on the timeline - it shows as a tiny blob looking like about an hour or so with zero information being shown.

Also - on both the calendar AND the timeline I’ve set it to display the people column. Why does it not display in calendar? It does display correctly in month view, just not week view OR day view.

This is particularly troublesome, as I’m using another trick to organise resources, where I’ve created email addresses for each of our resources (studios) and am using them as “users” inside coda to enable some much needed extra display information IN CALENDARS :slight_smile: Ah… one step forward, two steps back.

Some further things.
The display of the X Axis dates - why does it always default to needing to scroll just a tiny bit to see the right hand date? This is not great for the user.

Unfortunately it gets worse. All these views are set to “full width” but they certainly don’t go the full width of the canvas…

Next up is viewing ranges.

I set it to day… and it stays the same as “auto” - not showing a single day, but a number of days depending on the data.

I set it to week, and all the horizontal lines to show the time divisions (days) are GONE. Which makes it super hard to tell what day something is actually on… which kinda defeats much of the purpose right?

I now set it to month, and the info is basically worthless for someone trying to schedule things. They have to roll over the display to figure out when it actually is. How about some sort of display showing week days and weekends with shading? There are tonnes of different ways to give the user much m, more usable info.

Also look at the calendar, set to week. Why do we have days presented in month view (Monday, tues etc) but not on week view? So a user needs to KNOW something about the date before being able to use the calendar. Folks who use the system all the time might be in a good place for that, but what about a freelancer? Thats the kind of thing which can cause booking mistakes!

So anyway - for now, I’m going to have two sets of dates in my table. One for calendar view, and one for timeline view, just so the info can line up correctly. This is completely non-ideal right? Its a massive work around at best.

And I deal with things like the issue around the user not showing up for full day events in the calendar. etc. Because so much of the rest of coda is so bloody excellent.

How do others feel about these things?

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