Beta launch: Timeline improvements

We are opening up an opportunity to provide early feedback on an upcoming set of improvements to timeline views in Coda

We are looking to launch a slew of improvements to timeline views to let you better navigate and visualize your data. Some of these improvements include better zoom-level controls and various “jump-to” capabilities to allow you to quickly get to what’s important. In addition we are introducing a handful of usability improvements including a more granular and helpful timescale, sticky header for vertical scrolling, and better click targets for resizing and repositioning.

We’re excited to hear your feedback and see how the new timeline improves your ability to visualize and navigate your data!

If you are interested in joining the beta, sign up here.

We’ll let you know via email when we enable the new improvements for your workspace.

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anxious to see how this may/may not impact a daily view for meeting planning!


It’s great to hear that! Sometimes, the simple things make the whole difference: grey weekends! An option to hide weekends would be even better.
Let’s see, I signed up.


This is incredible news. We have been building a very sophisticated doc for a construction company and the lack of capabilities in this area is the most significant challenge we are running into. SO HAPPY that this is getting some attention. I signed up for the BETA.


This along with Detail view need some :hearts: to make them shine.

It’s like I’m waiting for this since 1988 :wink:

Dear Sam,
Thank you for this update!
Can you pleas add the whole account ‘EPAM Anywhere’ to the Beta?
Timeline improvements are something we’ve been waiting for a long time! I will collect feedback from colleagues and give you a summary.


@Sam_Harper - Any chance you can confirm when the beta will be enabled for those that signed up?

Also so desperate to see a number of desperately needed updates to the timeline view, so cautiously very optimistic about these updates :grimacing:!?

  1. Can we put more than one tasks into the same timeline row?
  2. Can we view the timeline vertically?

Because I need to make a wedding schedule planning, with “who do what at when” information in a calendar/timeline view.

The following screenshot shows what I want:

Fingers crossed. I too really hope increased granularity affects daily view. Either way it’s great seeing Timelines getting some love

Repeating tasks on the same row would be very useful.
Also, very specific, but arbitrary timescales would mean we could use these to document things like sequence timing (e.g. be able to use milliseconds as a unit)

It doesn’t seem to be resizing on a narrow page

Also, I would like to be able to tell it what to show programmatically, like “show the next 30 days of the schedule”

Just fired up the new timeline today and all of the labels on the bars have dissappeared? Anybody else seeing this?

Just a by-product of being a beta release?


My info is still visible?

Do you still have the problem?

Yeah, all of the other new timeline functionality seems to be fine. It is just the labels that are missing.

I have been using the new timeline for at least a week or two… today is the first time it has rendered without the labels.

I did the usual full browser cache clear, etc. But no luck.

Hi @TJ_Beatrice_SCPB , thanks for reporting this issue! We are actively working on a fix for this that should roll out in the next day or so.

This issue is being caused by text values being formatted where timelines aren’t rendering them. As an immediate workaround you can remove the text formatting for these values (bold, italic, H0, etc); otherwise this should be fixed in the next day or so!

Thanks for the patience!



Hi @Evan_Price1 , thanks for the patience! We are planning to roll these changes out on Monday to all users.

We will continue to make improvements, so all feedback is still very welcomed :pray:

Thank you everyone who signed up for the Beta and gave feedback! We’ve closed the Beta, but the good news is, we will be launching these changes next week! :rocket:

That totally makes sense. I definitely use text formatting all over the place.

@Sam_Harper Has the issue been addressed where the timeline is not resizing to reflect the page width? On narrow pages, it goes all the way across.