Duration field for Time chart

I have a table with a start date and duration.
I put in text such as 3 days in the duration column
I then chose duration type rather than text and I see the clock icon which says it is duration.

I have a second table that is set up to calculate a visual timeline from the first table. But when I try to set it up, it tells me that the duration column does not contain duration values.

What am I missing in the first table duration column?


Hi @Susan_Isserman

can you share a screenshot of both your table, and also the timeline configuration you did set ?

Hi thanks for your reply. i showed it to Coda chat and they thought it was a bug. I made another duration column with the exact same values that worked. It may be that the column type has to be changed from text to duration before the days are put in as values.but i don’t know that for sure.
Thanks for helping.

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