Ability to use calculated column as a duration

I have a to do list with a duration column that I had set up as a slider. I wanted the slider to represent the number of hours. This worked great until I tried to set up a calendar view to use time block scheduling. Then I found out that the slider apparently represents a number that represents the number of days, not the number of hours and this can’t be changed. This made it impossible for me to move my tasks around in the calendar view using the built-in drag-and-drop functionality! I just got an error message when I tried doing that, when the calculated column was set as the duration.

I created a calculated column in the duration format to represent the number of hours on the back end, but my calendar would not accept this calculated column as the duration. it looks like it’s not possible to use calculated columns for duration.

As a temporary fix, I changed the front end to use a Duration column, but this doesn’t have the option to display as a slider and it’s not as easy to use or as visually intuitive. For example, if I just type “4” into the column, it will interpret it as “four days” which is not the desired behavior.

Please add the ability to use calculated columns as durations in calendar and timeline views. An alternative solution would be to add more options for the duration or slider columns (for example: display a Duration as a slider!) but being able to use calculated columns in Calendar and Timeline views in this case would probably solve more problems and to be a more flexible solution.