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Hi there, I’m a big fan of Coda and have been using it for my team’s content calendar. However, recently (this week) all of my posts are showing up on the calendar a day early. The publish dates are correct, but the display is wrong, which is very frustrating.
Anyone have any suggestions? My team leader wants me to use a Google template, but I do not. I like this so much better.

i cant be sure about this, but whenever dates behave oddly,
i always look to see if the date-column has a time-value set.

when a date is stored in coda (and most apps) it is really a big floating-point number.
the integer part defines the day (nimber of days since 01-jan-1970)

and the fractional part is the time. where .5 is midday, .0000 is midnight, etc

now the date-time number is displayed as either a date-only or as a date-and-time.
so you might have dates with times in them, but you dont see it.

in some bizarre situations, these invisible fractional decimals can cause dates to behave oddly.

not sure how this would cause ALL your dates to show up a day early… but its worth checking.
set the display of the date column to show both the date and time.
it might give a clue to whats going wrong.



This is good to know. Thank you @Xyzor_Max

I figured out what was causing my instance of date mismanagement. I am in EST, but my work laptop is set to PT for my job. Changing the time zone option in coda has corrected the discrepancy.

Thank you for your replies.

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