Calendar view discrepancies


I’m having a little trouble with the calendar view. I made a table of events with a date field, and a calendar view of the table. Everything shows up well in the calendar but when I move an event to different day, the date field on the original table changes but seems to always be off by one day (the calendar shows one day ahead of the table).

Does anyone else have this trouble? Is there an easy fix?

Thanks so much

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I assume this post about time zones will help you out



Hi Jean Pierre,

Yeah that definitely helped me understand what’s going wrong. Because of the nature of moving events from within the calendar view, it seems to preclude the ability to use a function to compensate for time zones being off. I don’t know if there is a good fix there until we can build in the ability to set a global time zone for the whole document.

Thanks for the tip though!


Bumping this one. Have we seen any real solutions to this one yet?

If I move an item in calendar view to another day, when I switch back to the original table it always messes the day up by one day.