Calenderview not correct

This is an old bug and I thought it would have been fixed by now, but I can’t even find a posting about it, so here it is:

In calenderview, an event that spans multiple days, does not show up in the right hand column, like this:

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I think it has to be with how you have set up your working days

Hello @Jafet_Mtz ,

Can you show me a correct view of a similar calendar with what you thing is the correct setup of your working days? I understand what you are saying, but I don’t know how to fix it.

Greetings, Joost

Hello, I couldn’t replicate the situation, but try if something works going in the tablo to Options> Calendar Display> Respect working days and Date settings

Hey @Jafet_Mtz ,
If you can’t replicate, you can show me an example calendar view without the gaps? I don’t understand what is else I can change to make this work.
Greetings, Joost

When does that happen to you? On any calendar view always?
This is how it is for me:

Any calendar table, regardless of time zone, setting of workdays, date format…I have changed every thinkable parameter on the doc level and on the table level - to no avail:

The only thing I don’t want to change it the time zone for my entire account - to risky for all my docs (all based in European time zone).

Here is a not protected calendar in my doc area. I would love for someone to show me how to make this look the way it should.

Edit: doc. deleted

Coda has confirmed this as a bug in some timezones.
I have deleted the sample doc - it does not serve a purpose any longer.
It is unknown how long it will take to fix this bug.

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