Setting the calendar "first day of the week" to Monday makes it skip Sundays

In the Calendar widget, there seems to be a problem when I add an event that spans Saturday and Sunday while having the “first day of the week” set to Monday. Specifically, the event is incorrectly rendered on both Saturday and Monday, with nothing displayed on Sunday. I have attached screenshots to help illustrate this issue.

I can confirm the Calender view has problems - and it is not related to the startday of the week:


Support has picked this up and confirmed this behavour as a bug.


Excellent, thanks for pushing this Joost! Hopefully they can fix this quickly, as it renders the calendar pretty much useless for me at the moment.

This behaviour might be relevant too, the people display column doesn’t render for the right-most day


@joost_mineur Confirmed as still an issue. Any ETA?

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