Date/Time inconcistencies


I keep coming across lots of Date/Time inconsistencies so thought I’ll list them all in this thread (not sure if there is a better way to submit bugs, sorry if there is)…

  1. First up (something I did added to another thread but will leave here as it’s all part of the issues) calendar displayed times are not the same as those entered in the related data table or the pop over card (the card popup matches the entered data in the table):

  1. If you change the datatype to Date rather than Date/Time, then the calender still shows a time and there forth the duration is actually duration+1 (With no time, my assumption would be this is an all day ever starting at 00:00 and therefore a duration of 2 would make this cover 2 whole days not run into three).

  1. This is one is more inconsistent with every other calendar every created - does anyone think a week starts on a Sunday? Most calendars would either start Saturday or Monday and give you the option to choose the one that works for you. The Coda version has me picking the wrong dates all the time as muscle memory assumes the week start is something different after decades of habit. Love to know the logic behind this…


To complete these inconsistencies, if you format a date column in a table with day/month/year, view your table as cards, then the date format in cards becomes month/day/year. No way to change that ?