Calendly | The Coda way

Introducing EasyMeet | Doing Calendly the Coda way

I love Calendly - Its simple, easy to use, and super helpful when scheduling meetings. In running my own business though I’m always looking for ways to bring down costs. As much as I love Calendly I thought - Why pay for it if I can just make a Coda doc to do the same thing?

I went ahead and did just that and thought I’d share with the community! Below you will find a bunch of information on the doc, how to use it, and how to actually set it up to work like Calendly - but if you want to skip all that and just see it, here is a direct link to the doc that you can copy for yourself →

(I also am in the midst of making a Pro version template with more features such as automatic calendar invite creation, Zoom integration, differing timezone capabilites, etc. If you are interested in that when Im done inquire here → Learn more about EasyMeet Pro)

How the Doc Works

How users will schedule meetings with you
EasyMeet Scheduler

This is the only page that people other than you will see and be able to interact with - It has a calendar view of all the open meeting times you have made and then an ability to “schedule” that meeting slot with you. The “Schedule” button brings them to an external form that is pre-filled with the date/time they selected and then feeds live data into your EasyMeet doc.

Quickly draft times you are open for meetings
Easily apply customized templates of your open meeting times by week to the months and weeks ahead rather than individually creating each open meeting slot
Applying a Template

In this doc there are two templates you can tweak: Busy week and Slow week. With just the press of a button you can apply these open meeting times to any week within the current year or next so others can schedule meetings with you!

Edit your open meeting times in a more granular way
Sometimes you need to delete times you previously marked as open for meetings or add one-off open meeting times. Thats easy!
Adjust OpenTimes

This page allows you to quickly delete or edit previously applied open meeting times! It also allows you to quickly add new meeting dates that arent via the templates explained above.

View meetings people have scheduled with you
And finally - see all the meetings people have scheduled with you via EasyMeet
Scheduled Meetings

There are a few extra goodies in there you will find as you click around! (Such as simple checkbox that if clicked will make all your weeks start on Monday rather than Sunday for all you not in the US) If you have any questions, please just reach out, happy to help! →

Also happy to receive ideas if you have any on how to improve the current doc and workflow! Send them my way!

If you have any solutions you need built out for your workflow or software subscriptions you want to try to replicate with Coda reach out as well! I work as an expert Coda consultant and love a good challenge :wink:

Last thing I need to say - If you are actually going to use this, you need to do a couple things:

  • Only share a published link with others
  • That published link needs to have the pages displayed at the top
  • You need to disable copying on the document
  • You need to hide every page except for the user-facing easy meet one (Normally I then make all the other pages shortcuts so when Im using the actual doc I can still access all pages. The doc I shared is not the one I share with people when Im actually scheduling meetings, on that all pages are hidden so no other data is accessible)