Create a "complex" schedule?

Hi all,

Is there a way to create something like this:

directly in coda?
So we need the rooms on one axis, the time on another and the events per room.

A grid like that is really tough to create formulaically and it also leaves no real way to access or reference the data. It’s a visual only setup, but it is a good visual.

We’ve explored the idea of having a simple grid like this that has no formulas and you can pretty much just “draw” on, but we don’t have that feature yet. It’s still just an exploration.

I did create this example though that is more of a meeting scheduler. You can choose a start and end for your meeting, then it will only offer available rooms as options. If someone goes through this, but then goes back and changes the times to overlap, they could create a conflict, but there’s a column to warn for that too. The column even returns the meeting it has the conflict with so you can resolve it easier.

You can further play with calendar and timeline layouts from here, this is just one idea for a functional setup.

Meeting and room scheduling

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Thank you for the reply! I will look into the option you provided.
A simple grid option where we could just draw in the schedule would be good as well, it does not have to be automated fully. I would rather have something like that than to rely on external sites / places to do the same thing. I reather keep everything on Coda itself.

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