Anyone know much about scheduling in Coda? Schema Help

Hi Team,

So I’ve built a budget which is where our projects start. It gives me data such as how many days someone will be working for etc. It’s possibly not as pretty as it could be, in terms of formulas, but I’m just learning and it works.

What I’d like to do next is build a couple of schedules. There are some templates, but these rely on start date and finish date, what I’d like to do is build out from the middle. We know a shoot date or dates, then our data/dates go on either side of that.

I guess I have two questions:
-What’s a good schema when you know the middle of a project?
-I’m worried about being locked into dates, is there a way to make a date flexible/moveable, an alternative to what the inputs tell me.Ideally a drag and drop, with dependencies, which are also flexible?

All the best,