Project availability


We have a problem at the start of projects where we have to build a timeline. This is made of internal tasks and client facing tasks, like workshops.

To build that schedule we have to assemble the availability of multiple freelancers. This process is excruciating because of the amount of back and forth, confirming availability, then having to reconfirm when one person can’t make a key date. We want to move faster and wonder if there’s a way to tackle it faster or with less hassle using Coda.

Doodle solves this problem well for a single date, but not so well for a project with multiple dates. Typically a project may include 4-6 people, many of whom need to be available at the same time for meetings.

Anyone solved a similar problem in Coda or could point us in an interesting direction?

To summarise we want to:

  • List project activities
  • Propose some ideal dates
  • Collect freelance availability (yes, no, maybe)
  • Identify where there is a clash or not
  • Confirm the final schedule with everyone

Any thoughts welcomed!

Hey @Luke_Battye ,

The separate parts of your app are fairly straightforward, to make it into one large(r) application is a different story and requires creativity and some (non)coding skills.

We organize activities for clients and the team consists of freelancers (volunteers actually). For each planned activity we need enough team. At the same time, we can’t have to many clients per activity, so we (automatically) close activities when they are filled up. Clients can choose a preferred and 2nd choice date and with very little manual manipulation we can fill our days. If we don’t have enough team we can either cancel days or try to find some more. Days in the past are automatically cancelled.

So yes, a lot is possible in Coda, but I don’t think you are going to find pre-made templates for such specific requirement. This community excels in answering how-to questions related to formulas and sometimes more than that, but I guess you have to get started building the outlines of your program and see for yourself what can and can’t be done.


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