📣 Calling all Coda Makers for the 2019 Makers Fest!

Coda and Product Hunt have teamed up to create the 2019 Makers Festival - No Code Edition. It’s time to launch your best Coda docs into the spotlight for a chance to win the grand prize :trophy:!

Last year, Product Hunt ran their first-ever Makers Festival, where they encouraged people from all walks of life to make, tinker with, and launch projects. We thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase all of the amazing docs :page_facing_up: built here every day, and to recognize the diverse set of Makers that make this community what it is.

:calendar: The festival starts today, and submissions can be entered beginning March 25. You can go it solo or collaborate with others on a project. Click here to sign up!


I signed up with a personal account but it will not allow me to add my CODA doc.

As much as I’d love to enter this, I think I’ll have to wait until the next one.

All the best with it guys. Coda Rocks!

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Does “no code” mean that no formulas are allowed? Would a formula multiplying two columns be considered as “code”?

I‘m pretty sure formulas are allowed. building something without using a coding/programming language is the challenge.

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Hi @michalis, yes formulas are definitely allowed! “No code” refers to the idea of building a software tool without using a formal coding language. Instead, you can use a tool like Coda to build a software without knowing how to code.

So for this challenge, feel free to build whatever you’d like in Coda, using all of Coda’s features. If you’re not sure where to start, the contest categories are a good place for inspiration:

  • Tools for teams
  • Life hacks
  • Health & wellness
  • Tiny apps
  • Social impact
  • Everything else

Can’t wait to see what you build!

Yay! Glad I found this community thread. Building in Coda now for the Makers Fest :slight_smile:


@Irma_Mesa - looking forward to see what you build. We are here to help with product questions.

@Katiee - were you able to get this sorted?

I just join Coda Community! Would love to give it a go! Much love from Singapore


Welcome @FajarSiddiq, looking forward to seeing what you make! Let me know if you have any questions about building in Coda.


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Welcome everyone! Happy to help brainstorm ideas if anyone wants! I’ve got about a 1000 coda docs that I’m hoping to see built :slight_smile:


I Love the Idea to submit some of my Docs.
But for me what is missing is an INPUT control.
Most o my Docs are tools that help with calculations and depend one 1 or more inputs.
Is it possible to implement this control for the Makers Fest?

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Welcome! Glad to have you!

Sure, is there a cheat sheet for the formula?

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Would love to share what I have so far for feedback and thoughts! Willing to do the same for someome else’s app. Let me know :slight_smile:]


Yup! All the formulas are listed at coda.io/formulas.

You can actually launch a basic form using a button, just make sure you turn on the toggle for “Open row for editing.” Then people can enter in data that gets added to one of your tables!

Awesome @Irma_Mesa, feel free to share your doc in the Doc Show and Tell of the community!

:exclamation: Quick reminder: the registration deadline for the Makers Festival is THIS SUNDAY MARCH 24TH. Click here to register before the deadline (don’t worry you still have a week to build :hugs:.

Looking forward to seeing all the #docsaspowerfulasapps :rocket:!