Can a button modify a named object?

Hi, I know how a button can perform modifications to other cells / rows / columns etc. in a table but how about a button modifying a named object. Let’s say you have just a formula in a new document that equals a number like 10 and you name that object to something like AAA for example. Then you want to create a button that will increment that object by a certain value. Can that be done or do you have to do something like that within a table environment?


the answer is no, you cant modify a formula object with a button

so you would have to create a canvas control object, say a textbox for example, called AAA, to hold the value. then have a formula, say we call it AAA1 that is =AAA

then a button can increment AAA using


and the formula AAA1 would then show the incremented value also

this also applies to columns in tables


Hi Max. Excellent answer and just what I was looking for. Yes, thinking about it now, makes sense you wouldn’t be able to modify a formula object, but the textbox is the key. Was looking for a way to do this without using a table and this hit the mark. Thanks very much for the answer Max!

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