Can I combine Coda Packs into my own Pack?

e.g. Can I combine the Google Calendar, Mail, and Asana packs into my own custom pack?

You would need to rewrite the code.

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Connected with you on twitter! But for those here the answer is no

Packs, for security purposes, can only hit a single domain.

Therefore, you could rewrite and make a pack that hits several google APIs in one, or several Microsoft services in a single pack, but you could not create a pack that hits multiple services/domains.

But you CAN make multiple packs and then combine their actions into advanced inter-related workflows inside of a single document

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If I remember correctly you can ask Coda to allow your pack to address multiple domains. If this is a private pack, I can’t think of many reasons to not allow you to do so.
But, I don’t think there are that many advantages to putting these functionalities in one pack and like Piet says, you would have to develop (and maintain) your own pack.

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