Install Packs once or for each Doc?

Hey everyone!

I’ve got a short question you might can answer quite fast:

F. e. I have 20 docs in my workspace.
I thought I can connect my Coda Account to several packs by installing them once and using them in all the docs.
Unfortunately it seems to me as you have to install all the packs for each Doc to use them, meaning 6 Packs for 20 docs = 120 installations???
Is that correct or do I missunderstand something. If a pack is bound to a single doc - why that? I dont see the reason, only the disadvantages for me.

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Dear @Mario_Kiessling,

You are right, packs have to be installed individually to each doc.
I don’t know your use case, but have you considered to combine some of the docs in one central doc?

@BenLee in reading:
Not sure if technically possible, but now with the structure of the folders, it might be an idea to create folders where all the docs inside get connected to the packs as chosen by the workplace admin.

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Hello Jean Pierre,

thanks for your answer! Unfortunately it’s not very satisfying :pensive:
To combine all the content of the docs into one is not a solution, because you have no subsections/subfolders. So I guess I’m not the only one who has to split his content in different docs to get at least some structure.
I respect if there are technical borders right now, which don’t allow Packs to work cross-doc, but in that case this really has to be fixed in future. It’s just ridiculous to do 120 Pack installations :flushed:
Just my 2 cents…

Kind regards

Hi @Mario_Kiessling,

Generally speaking, Packs are still a pretty new concept. With that comes a limitation or two as we research how they are being used and where there are sticking points. One of the toughest issues with Packs is they make information from other systems available, that can be a benefit or a risk depending on how freely you share. You don’t want a Gmail pack installed without knowing it for instance. This could open up your email to others on that same doc. We have to balance the ease of use and convenience of having information in one place with the challenge of also keeping that information secure.

That said, we’re a growing product that is constantly improving, so all feedback and use-cases are great to hear. The team here constantly amazes me with the solutions they come up with! I’ll pass along the idea for sure, I just don’t have a solution for you at the moment.

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