Packs - Only 1 connection, in a Coda Doc?

  1. Google Drive Pack
  • List item
    In 1 Coda Doc, I want to connect different Google Drive Folders (same account) on different Pages.

  • Similar questions have asked the same thing. Any know of a workaround/update?

  1. Shopify Pack
    Different Shopify store products on 1 Coda Doc.

    I have the stores connected as Private and Shared accounts.

Hey there! If I’m following what you’re asking about based on the images you shared, it sounds like you’re hoping to bring in multiple accounts/folders into your sync table.

If so, in your sync table settings, you can add in additional syncs :smiley:

Here’s an example from a sync table in the Gmail Pack:

Clicking on “Add Additional Syncs” allows you to select a secondary account or same account, and then select the applicable folder or store, as the case may be.

It is worth noting that both Store 1 and Store 2 will be synced into the same table to create one master table, and from there you can create filtered views of the master table if you need to see store 1 and store 2 data separately.

Hope that helps!

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