Link emails from multiple users

We have create a sales funnel doc,
in which we enter each action we do for a prospect.
We love coda for this, since we can tailer it to our needs.

The only think really missing at this point is to link incoming emails
We use this document with multiple people
I tried using the gmail pack, but this seems to be limited to one email account

I would love to be able to label an email in gmail with for example ‘sales’
then this email gets synced in the doc, and then i can link or copy it to the action row I want it.

I managed to to this, but only for my own email account.
would love to set this up so all people using the doc can use this.

Do I need to look at zapier for this?
any other suggestions?

seems that the gmail pack is really good for sending emails, but importing and linking them to existing rows is an other story

@Pieter_Lesage - Sync tables can pull data from multiple accounts, by setting up multiple syncs. You’ll need each user to visit the doc and add their own account, and then you can configure the sync table to include a sync for each of these accounts.

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