Multi user google contacts pack

Is there a way to setup google contacts pack to sync with multiple google contact address books?

We would like to use coda as a central address book, but would like to
push contacts from coda to our individual google contacts (this way we get the info on our phones, or in gmail)

optional would like an easy way to get new contacts from gmail (or google contacts) in the central coda database.

We want it in coda since we allready have our salespipeline and project management in coda.

Depending on permissions allowed (from user’s preference, Google side, Coda’s side)…

If possible, I would go the route of multiple gmail contacts (i.e. associated with Google Workspace) into coda because gmail already has that information stored and you would not have to re-enter it in another place, just pull it in. To do this, when you set up the pack in coda, there is an option to sync multiple gmail accounts (and their subsequent contact list/group) as one table. Just select “add another sync”. You can select a group too.

thank you @Theresa_Aguilar, I missed the button to add another sync (I tried to adding the accounts on the drop down…)

I have a second question.
I’m syncing a groupname
But when I add contacts to that label in google contacts, they don’t sync to coda (even if I sync manually)
Is there a delay? Or am I missing something again.

sorry, it is working now…
it takes 5 to 10 min I think

That’s good. I notice it does take a little bit to update categories/labels when syncing…but it works. :slight_smile:

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