Get message from gmail from multiple users

I build a sales CRM in coda to track all activities with potential clients.
It works very good.

Now I wanted to add mail messages from gmail to activities.
I created a gmail pack table and synced all messages with the label ‘sales’… and I can link them the correct activities in my sales crm.
again perfect.

but now I want to add the messages from multiple people (multiple gmail accounts), because we do sales with multiple people.
I added more accounts to the settings of the gmail pack table
but when I sync, the table only syncs from the selected accounts, not all accounts.

Any ideas how to set this up?

Hi Pieter, Maggie from Coda’s Success Team here. My first suggestion would be to check settings and make sure all the accounts you would like to sync are turned on.

I think it could help if I we could look at this live, would you want to set up some time for a call? Here is a link to my calendar schedule.

I figured it out,
I added extra accounts in the first sync, but needed to add extra syncs
I think the UI can use some love in this case. but it works now.

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