Gmail Pack Manager *NEW PACK*

Ill get right to it

I built an awesome new Coda pack called the :raised_hands: “Gmail Pack Manager” :raised_hands: - It allows you to manage your inbox in gmail and do things such as:

  • Mark messages as read
  • Mark messages as unread
  • Apply custom labels to messages
  • Move messages to the trash
  • Move messages to spam

And more!

Normally I would post this pack in the Coda gallery - but due to peculiarities with Googles API - specifically with their GMAIL API, Im choosing to sell this pack privately.

If you are interested in such a pack - you can purchase it here! The pack purchase is a one time, life-time access purchase and will include any access to upgraded features in the future

Let me know if you have any questions!

Here’s some sweet photos of the pack

Looks glorious doesn’t it??

Oh the sweet sweet actions one can do with all those buttons

Inbox zero bliss awaits the one who uses the Gmail Manager Pack


Looks awesome. So, you’ve basically made it possible to create the Gmail client in Coda, eh?

Question - imagine I have five inboxes that act as the leading edge of the CRM comms. Could this help me create a unified roll up and CRM management app (in Coda) for a team of three?

Is it possible to export or print emails with the pack @Scott_Collier-Weir?


Hey Bill!

Yes it is!

You would connect multiple accounts to a single gmail pack sync table, and then use my pack to confirm buttons to manage the emails across the accounts

Coda buttons allow you to be configured against

  1. The sync account attached to the specific Roa
  2. A users private account
  3. A single shared account

So you’d configure each button with option 1 allowing for a seamless management of multiple inboxes in a single place!

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No sir

It only allows you to take actions on individual emails like labeling, marking as read, etc

What’s your use case? Maybe I can find a way to support


I currently do not have a specific use case… I was just thinking about something I might want to do in the future…


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All good! If you have more uses for a gmail pack - let me know!


Sold. Perfect fit for our team.

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Love it! Why so? Looking to update the pack more so would love to hear more about how you plan to use it.

@Scott_Collier-Weir We use the Gmail pack to send customized emails to our customers based on various characteristics (org type, account value, etc.).

Within Gmail we use shared labels to coordinate on responses to customers, contract reviews, and other tasks. Your pack will make it easy for us to apply labels within Coda rather than having to switch back to the Gmail app. We rely on labels to figure out who needs to do what.

This will save my team a lot of time since we use coda for general task management as well.


Great! Let me know if there any other features you’d like to see along the way!

I Can probably make a button that applies multiple labels as well?

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Most of our use cases rely on a single label, but that’s mostly because we’ve refined our process to rely on as few labels as possible. Muti label would be nice and open up new possibilities for us.

This is awesome…I can’t wait to look closer.

Suggestion: There is a fantastic client for Outlook called NEO or Nelson Email Organizer that allows you to associate multiple incoming email addresses with one person - so when Bob emails you from his gmail account or his icloud account or his docusign account or his dropbox account or his outlook account…you can associate all these accounts with Bob’s name…so in your inbox, if you want to filter to see all incoming and outgoing correspondence with Bob, it’s all in one place.

Am I the only one who wastes a lot of time every day trying to remember which account Bob used when sending me that important email?

You can see how NEO handles this here:

I have asked them many times over the years if they planned to create a version of their software for Gmail and they have said no, and I would love to find a way to accomplish the same end result in Gmail.


I need to look into this - looks like it could save me a lot of time.

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It’s an amazing tool…I used it for years, until I switched to Google Work or whatever they call it.