Emailing from Coda without Gmail?

My team and I are all logged into Coda with our work email accounts, not a gmail account. Is there either a way to email from coda (via a button) without a gmail account associated with the login or, associate a gmail account with a non-gmail login?

Hello Nathan,
as far as I know, you can use the gmail pack with another email than the one you used for your account. I’m in this case, i’ve a standard gmail adress that I use with gmail pack, which is not my login mail.

Then, you can create a unique gmail account for you whole company (, that will be used in all the document to send mail. If the mail have to be send in your company it’s ok,

if you want that the mail appear to be sent with your official company adress (may be using outlook pack), I’ll let more expert guy answer :wink:

Ahh mega - that makes sense. I’ll go and take a deeper look. Appreciate it :wink:

You can even add several gmail account in the pack, so for me there is really no relation ship between login-to-coda adress and gmail-pack-using adress :wink:

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Who is your mail provider? Because there is also an Outlook pack.


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Hi Nathan!

we had the same need, and it can be partially implemented in Coda, by indeed piggybacking on the Gmail Pack. Have a look here for an example:
Dispatch of Emails

2 tips about this solution:

  • the sync table has an email column, so you can create as many views as non-Gmail accounts you have, each filtering a specific account,
  • if you provide a reply functionality, your contact will receive it as sent from the Gmail account but in the Gmail button you can set the “Reply-to” field to your non-Gmail address, to make sure your contact sends their reply to the original non-Gmail.

Hope this helps!


We’re on Outlook - so I’ll check that out too :slight_smile:

Thanks All - this was very helpful. I appreciate the quick responses! :smiley:

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